Over 200 community members celebrated together on June 29 as Kin On revealed the new Supportive Housing Project: Kin On Assisted Living and Ark & Winnie Chin Legacy Home. This completes a multi-year capital expansion to transform Kin On from a standalone skilled nursing facility to an aging-friendly campus.

“Thanks to the foresight of community leaders that responded to the aging needs of our elders and the faithfulness of our board, donors, and volunteers, we now get to offer additional housing options with personalized support services for our seniors to successfully age in place,” said Nigel Lo, Kin On CEO. “These new buildings are more than just houses, but are homes where our parents, grandparents, and family members will be well cared for.”

A number of elected officials and local leaders were in attendance to celebrate the accomplishment of the community, including former Gov. Gary Locke, Sen. Bob Hasegawa, Rep. Cindy Ryu, and Deputy Director-General of Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Seattle Charles Liu.

“The care here is absolutely incredible – the sense of community, food, and language, really made our parents feel so much more at ease and comfortable,” said former Gov. Locke, as he shared his own Kin On story as a family member and longtime supporter. Locke was instrumental in helping Kin On attain its nursing home license 35 years ago.

It took more than six years to assemble the financing for the $7.8 million expansion project, which includes the construction of a new community center and the supportive housing buildings, and the renovation and expansion of the sunroom and rehab room in Kin On Rehab & Care Center. With the addition of the Assisted Living and Ark & Winnie Chin Legacy Home, Kin On will continue to serve over 1000 community members in the greater Seattle area.

“It’s our responsibility and our opportunity to make sure that our elders have the best quality of life as they get older,” said former Gov. Locke.