We are committed to helping Asian elders stay connected to their community and living safely at home for as long as possible.

Kin On offers one of the most comprehensive sets of services that enable elders to live at home safely, securely, and with maximum dignity.

Start early.

Our Healthy Living Program offers classes to get people out of the house, learning new things, making new friends, and moving their bodies. We teach classes on various topics, including how to live well with physical conditions like diabetes, how to use the latest technologies, and popular exercise programs. We invite members of the Asian community to sign up for the Healthy Living Program and begin engaging with the Kin On family starting at age 50 and up. 

A team to turn to when you need it.

As health, age, finances, or living situations change, our Care Navigator Program is here to provide solutions. We offer a whole team of medical professionals, social workers, and administrative support to help Kin On clients access the services they need as they age. If Kin On doesn’t offer it, our Care Navigator Team will help you find it.

For example, if a Family Caregiver Support client requires assistance, they might be referred to our Home Care team. If a client needs help with Medicare and Medicaid, we can provide assistance with that as well.

All of these services work together to do one thing: ensure our Asian elders are well cared for and happy.

Services Kin On offers in a client’s home:

One call gets you what you need. Call Kin On at 1.888.721.3634 or fill out the contact form below for assistance.