Kin On Seniors’ Day

Kin On Seniors Day

Event Recap 活動後記

Almost 100 viewers joined our Seniors’ Day virtual celebration through Zoom and Facebook Livestream last Saturday. Many of them were new to our Healthy Living Program and a few said they wanted to join our classes in the future.

We started the event with a virtual tea time, then followed by three educational workshops, and closed with a Dance for Fun demo and raffle drawing. It has been very different this year, but that doesn’t stop us to learn something new, stay connected, and be active… all while social distancing.

Thank you to our event sponsors, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Kaiser Permanente, AARP Washington, UnitedHealthcare, and Optum, as well as Aegis Gardens for their in-kind donation.



當天一早大家就上線聊天,之後進行了三場圍繞新冠疫情的演講,包括黎秉倫先生的「預防COVID-19詐欺」,董笔蔚博士的「疫情下的長期護理環境」,以及陳一仁醫的「COVID-19與銀髮族群」。結束前由陳淑貞老師帶大家一起跳舞,並有抽獎活動,眾人享受了歡樂且受益良多的一天 !此外,健安還在線上發佈多條影片,慶祝長者的才華與貢獻。

作為提供大西雅圖亞裔社區健康和社會服務的非營利機構,健安每年為1200多名長者及其家人提供護理居所與社區服務,其中包括康健樂頤計劃(Healthy Living Program)。健安「 康健樂頤計劃 」的宗旨是透過各種終身學習課程、創新樂齡活動和健康講座, 使 55 歲以上的中老年人能夠保持身體健康、 心智敏銳和社會參與。

Talent Show Video 達人秀視頻
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Webinar and Activity 線上研討會及活動
Facebook Livestream 直播重溫
YouTube Recording 節目重溫

Event Details 活動詳情

Connect with us on Youtube/Facebook/Zoom for a fun-filled week of virtual performances, educational workshops, and interactive activities.

In observance of the Double Nine Festival to care for and appreciate the elderly, Kin On cordially invites you to join the annual Seniors’ Day virtual celebration on Saturday, August 29, 2020. For the health and safety of our community, we will be hosting this event online. Stay tuned for a full schedule and links.

We will also post videos every morning at 10 am from August 24 to August 28 featuring projects and performances by our Healthy Living Program members. Although our community centers have been closed since March, many of you have been practicing your talents and working on projects from home. Through this week-long event, we hope to celebrate your talents and contributions, while increasing access to health and social services.

為了紀念重陽節敬老崇孝之傳統,持續帶動社會的敬老公益風氣,健安誠摯邀請您參加我們一年一度的銀髮節活動。為了社區安全與健康,今年銀髮節以網絡形式於8月29日星期六舉行。在YouTube / Facebook / Zoom上參與我們的活動,享受一周充滿樂趣的線上表演,教育研討會和互動活動。


How to participate 活動參與方式

Talent Show Video 達人秀視頻

Monday to Friday, 8/24 – 8/28, at 10 am
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Webinar and Activity 線上研討會及活動

Saturday, 8/29,  9:30 am – 12:30 pm
星期六,8月29日,  9:30 am – 12:30 pm
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Schedule & Webinar Descriptions 節目表及教育研討會主題大綱



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