Ambassador Program

Connect Kin On with YOUR community!

Each one of you is uniquely connected in different ways. Whether it’s through clubs, associations or religious groups, we hope you’ll join us in sharing Kin On’s services to your circle of influence.

Who is an Ambassador? An Ambassador is someone who is a messenger or a representative. As an Ambassador for Kin On, you can help connect your family, co-workers and organizations with Kin On.

How does this work? You connect us with your group and Kin On will provide an expert to speak on the topic of your choice. The topic could be about home care options to tips on how to stay healthy. The bottom line is that Kin One wants to be a resource for you and those you care about.

Why volunteer as a Kin On Ambassador?
  • So more people can benefit from Kin On’s programs and services!
  • So you can help share Kin On’s spirit with the community
  • Have fun and meet new friends!
How do I start? To get started, fill out this form and email it to Kin On’s Communications Department at

Questions? Contact the Communications Department at 206.721.3630 or email at