Reimagine Aging

If given a choice, elders prefer to age at home. Yet, coordinating all the necessary care leaves many families with tremendous stress and burdens. For limited English speaking immigrant families, language and cultural barriers pose additional challenges. 

The recent global pandemic has forced us to rethink how we should care for our elders and families beyond the traditional institutional care model. 

We’ve found a better way to care for our elders. 

In 2015, ICHS and Kin On joined forces to develop a revolutionary aging-in-place program for the Asian and Pacific Islander community, called Aging in PACE Washington (AiPACE). 

With over 80 years of combined experience providing culturally relevant care, this joint project aims to reimagine elder care, maximize quality of life for families, and keep our community healthy and whole. 

“This recent global pandemic reminds us that we have to find new ways to keep our elders safe and healthy in the community.”

Ron Chew, ICHS Foundation Director 

A successful $20 million capital campaign will help build a brand new 25,000-square-foot senior center and clinic to offer wraparound services for eligible elders to age in place. Visit to learn more about this revolutionary care model

Day in the life

The AiPACE Center is part of a larger collaborative project to combat gentrification in South Seattle and help lower income families and seniors live and thrive in the neighborhood they call home.

North LotThrough strategic partnerships, this multi-generational project will include: 

  • Senior Services by Aging in PACE Washington (AiPACE) 
  • Affordable and Workforce housing developed by Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda)
  • Childcare Center with early childhood education operated by El Centro de la Raza

Together, we are creating a counterbalance against displacement, promoting intergenerational connections, and keeping our community healthy and whole.

“Our parents and grandparents cared for us, nurtured us, allowed us to grow and thrive. It’s our turn to do the same. AiPACE is our responsibility.”

Heidi Wong, Capital Campaign Manager

Learn more about this new project and get the latest campaign updates at

For more info, contact Heidi Wong, Capital Campaign Manager at or 206.788.3585.

Aging in PACE Washington