Starting February 1, 2017, a renewable, membership fee will take into effect. Options include:

- Annual membership: $30/year, renewable on the 12th month of your anniversary

- Lifetime membership (with no expiry date or renewal fees): $300

Please note that membership is non-transferable.

Healthy Living Program (HLP) Member Benefits

HLP Membership entitles you to free or discounted programs. Please see below for some of the benefits of membership.

FREE programs: Open Craft Day, SmartLab Open Lab, SmartLab Tutoring, SmartLab classes, Daytime Mahjong, Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) workshops

Discounted programs: Craft & Chat, Line Dance, Zumba, Zumba Gold, Ballroom Dance, Wellness Workshops, CPR/First Aid/AED courses

More coming soon! Click here for the current class schedule.

Each member will receive a swipe card containing a barcode, which will be scanned at the check-in monitor each time you visit. This allows you to sign in and to be notified of any outstanding balances on your account.


I am already a Kin On HLP member. How does this update affect me?

For those who have acquired an HLP membership before February 1, 2017, you will be grandfathered into our new membership fee structure. You will maintain a lifetime status of membership with no annual fee. Your swipe card is still valid and you may continue to use it as usual. All past and current HLP members remain responsible for individual class fees as listed under “member” fee for each program in the catalog.

Why has the price increased from last year?

Kin On is continually working hard to bring exciting and innovative classes, events, and educational programs to the community. The increased cost of membership supports the staffing and promotion necessary for the development and implementation of our programs.

The membership is designed to be a valuable and cost-effective way to provide members access to many great classes, activities, workshops and more.

What are my options if I only want to take a few classes?

Membership is not mandatory to attend or participate in the Healthy Living Program. You may take as many classes as you wish, provided you pay the non-member fee for each class that you take. In fact, there are several programs that are free to non-members.

 What time span does the yearly membership cover?

Membership begins on the day that you register and expires twelve months after. For example, if you joined on February 1, 2017, your membership will expire on February 1, 2018 unless you pay the membership renewal fee, due on the 12th month anniversary of the registration date.

 I am ready to sign up and/or I have additional questions.

 We are happy to answer any questions and to help you register for membership. Our contact information is as follows:

Kin On Healthy Living Program

4418 S. Brandon St. Seattle, WA 98118

206.556.2237 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

 We accept cash, check (made payable to Kin On), or credit card. Credit card payments can be taken over the phone.

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