Are You Setting the Bar Too High in Your Sandwich Generation Life? Join Kin On in 2012 for our Family Caregiver Workshop Series.


Do you feel that whenever you accomplish something for your kids and/or elderly parents that it isn’t quite good enough? Are you so overscheduled with your kids’ and parents’ responsibilities that you end up putting off the important things for yourself?

If so, you may be trying to be totally perfect. If you want everything perfect in your perfectly planned sandwich generation life, you’re on the wrong planet. There’s a difference between healthy aspirations and unhealthy ones. As you care for yourself, your kids and your aging parents, are you able to distinguish the difference?

Three ways to control your urge to achieve perfection:

1. Stop the all-or-nothing thinking. A perfectionist feels worthless if their accomplishments are not perfect. Professor of Psychology at the University of Houston Lynn P. Rehm, Ph.D. says, “If you tried to do everything that you have to do in a day perfectly, you’d never get through the day.”

2. Avoid overemphasis on the “shoulds”. A perfectionist structures his/her life with a laundry list of “shoulds,” which creates a rigid belief of how things must be. If you’re constantly thinking about how things “should” be with your kids and your senior parents, chances are you’re not taking into account your own wants and needs.

3. Confront your fears. Perfectionists are afraid of failure. They may equate making mistakes with catastrophe. If you try avoiding every single mistake in your sandwich generation world, you’ll miss all kinds of opportunities to learn and grow.*

As caregivers, we want to equip you with the right tools and resources to help you become an effective caretaker for your loved ones.

Kin On has planned a series of workshops in 2012 that everyone can benefit from, whether or not you’re a caregiver.

Topics will include:

Understanding Health Care Decision Documents: Advanced Directives – Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Guardianships
End-of-Life Realities: Memorial Service Planning
Home Safety 101: Creating a Safe Environment for Your Loved One
How to Be the Best Caregiver You Can Be: Balancing Self-Care and Caregiving
Growth & Development: Embracing the Later Years Together
Home is Where the Heart Is: Resources for Independent Senior Living

The 2012 Family Caregiver Workshop Series is part of Kin On’s Healthy Aging Program. The goal of this program is to enable Asian adults and seniors to stay physically, mentally and socially active.

For questions or to be added to the Healthy Aging Program mailing list, contact Jessica Wong at 206.721.3630 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

* Source: Courtesy of April Fan, RD, CD is a Registered Dietitian and Founder of

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